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Friday, September 15, 2006

bad spelling anonymous idiots

If u find the following annoying to read, pls empathise with me. Imagine how I feel having to read these x 10, every single day.

What customer wrote word for word with spelling errors included:

Complaint #1
Sender: Anonymous

At PUGGOL PLAZA (Canteen and Shops)
the Air-con. Not Cool at all, and also the table not enought serve the castomers and also the chair.
The 4-D counter table not many. So crowd, the customers cannot write. You must increased the long able to server the castomers.
I'm living in Puggol many years, the crowd was --> Sat. and Sunday and Public Holidays.


Complaint #2
Sender: Same as Above (Same handwriting)

Was at Punggol Plaza (me: today he/she can spell Punggol), When the Buses and cars turning to the Left side, You should fixed one traffice light (me: suddenly we're LTA)
Because too many cars, when to the Car-Park and also the Motor Cycles. and Buse etc.
Public Holidays, Saturday and Sunday (school Holidays) Safety and no accident at all.

The 4-D table was too small and so crowd (me: this fella is a gambler) You shold fixed long table near the side walls. Beacuse can-not write the 4-D 'N' Toto. etc., or make one long talbe. Thank you.
No. Name (secret customer) (me: no shit!)


Complaint #3
Sender: Same as Above 2 (But he wrote: Secret Customer No Mention)

The Canteen Air-Con was not cool, Because when the weather is hot. not cool at all, The two Auto door open the Air-con. not cool. When the weather is hot and also many flies flying on the table especially 4-D table (me: again with the 4-D table!) and the wet market (B1) too. the Customer Complaint Air con. and flies too. the tolet also have flies flying all about in side the Canteen. The 4-D counter was so crowd. The TV was too small can not seen the table was too small, can not write, so you fix more table to write (4-D, ToTo and foot balls)


Note: We received 4 more feedback from the same customer requesting for similar things. Gosh!

Complaint #4
Sender: Anonymous

you need to sell chewing gums


Complaint #5
Sender: Miss Tan Chor Yee Suzie

I have a new idea on what type of drink to let Yeo Hiap Seng Ltd to manufacture and export it to the European countries, U.S.A. Your Yeo Hiap Seng receptionist (me: OUR YHS receptionist?!) is very incorporative, I wanted her to tell me what bus and send me the map of Yeo Hiap Seng Ltd Company address she refuses. I do not have any money to take taxi to your Yeo Hiap Seng Ltd Company. Please send letters to arrange an appointment time to meet the Managing Director of Yeo Hiap Seng Ltd Company.


Just who the f^^k do u think you are, Miss Tan? First of all, if you cant even send aletter to the right company let alone, the right address, I really dont think your "new idea" is worth ANYBODY's time!

Well, nothing much for now but that's all for now folks. My apologies. I'm really busy and looking forward to ending the day so till next week! Have an awesome weekend!


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