24-Hour Shopping in Rapture

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Jakarta Weekend

We came back from Jakarta. We left on friday night after work and came back on Sunday night. It was awesome. Got to meet my wonderful friends namely Putri, Ades, Ilaiza and baby Mikael, Fardan and Mila. Sensational! We had a blast catching up, food fest, and lots of drama (or dramage (drama + damage) as I call it) that puts 'The OC" to shame!

I kinda love Jakarta. Well, not really. In fact, I can't imagine living in Jakarta. Bali - YES! Jakarta - HELL NO! The only thing that makes Jakarta worth going are my friends. PERIOD. I would not go to Jakarta to save my life if I had to. The traffic is horrendous, it's like HAZE 24/7 due to the pollution, the soundtrack of Jakarta is the traffic (honking and whistles from the parking attendants), so little trees planted on such a huge city, therefore it's scorching hot during the day and many many many many more reasons. But I love my friends hence, I'd take that little trip Jakarta any day just as long as we stay indoors and travel only to nearby places.

Dannie still has the pictures so I can't upload any for now. BUT... I do have some random photos in my phone which I've been meaning to post.

So I drove up to Upper Pierce Reservoir one boring lunch to just check it out and saw this random sign about us not being able to feed the poor monkeys:

Upper Pierce Reservoir is gorgeous! And it's just 2 minutes from the shithole where I work.

This idiot had spent a dollar on each parking coupons and still got a fine! In Singapore, we tear our coupons with date and time on them for parking. Each coloured coupons has it's own duration of time (purple = 30 mins, orange = 1 hours, blue = 2 hours etc.) This dude placed hours worth of coupons and still got a nasty fine of $30 for insufficient coupons. It's just the silliest sight:

Last but not least, I was driving back to work from lunch one day and saw this across the junction:

See? Even cop cars can get towed in Singapore.


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