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Thursday, September 28, 2006

feel the love generation

"Feel the Love Generation" by Bob Sinclair playing on iTunes as I'm typing this blog now.

It's weird when we make new friends and become good friends with them only to realize later that we're related or that our parents were good friends. Really really proves that the world is too small. I say world when I meant to say Singapore but that's an obvious statement. I've been blathering all this while about my good friends here in Singapore, Farrah, Alwiyah, Fi, Kin and so on.... We hang out like almost every other day. Friendster is based on the sixth degree of separation where it's a theory that states that everybody in this world is connected to not more than the sixth degree. (E.g. Me and Dannie - First Degree; Me and Dannie's friend - Second Degree etc.) However, it's only based on this generation. They don't have Friendster that goes back to our parents' network and their circle of friends and their kids and so on. (I really think someone should come up with that because I'm into that kinda thing but I really wouldn’t know how to create such a thing)

Anyways, check this out. Farrah's mother's sister-in-law is like my mom's sister's husbands cousin. (huh? I know.) But seriously, how small is the world for us to even figure THAT out. It's a long connection but it's amazing how we could actually discover that!

Alwiyah: Her dad's cousin (her uncle), is like my dad's best friend for 40 years. Alwiyah's uncle is THE DUDE that introduced my parents to each other back in 1978. She's also the little girl I met back in 1990 (she was 7, I was 11) in primary school.

Fi: His brother and Dannie used to be classmates in primary school!

Sharul: We met as friends only to discover that his mom and my dad are like first cousins. Like his granny and my granny are like sisters. Sharul’s now going out with Kin.

Dannie: God forbid we're related. Ew.

Lemon Guy: Ok, I have to add this guy because I just "rediscovered" him. There was this cute Eurasian boy in primary school who had a very high-pitched voice. I called him "Lemon Guy" (because the big bad wolf drinking lemon juice to fake his voice like a lamb in 3 little pigs… or was it red riding hood? Hmmm…) and insisted on teasing him and calling him that name even though he told me his name was "Joe". His dad was like my mom's childhood friend (because back then in 1989, we went pass his dad in our car and my mom went "Hey this guy is my childhood friend. So long never see him. His son goes to school here?"). I remember his dad in school, always friendly and chatting with other parents and the maids that hung out at the back of the school waiting for the kids. Anyways, so as years go on, I slowly forgot about this Lemon dude. Until a couple of weeks back, we were at East Coast Food Centre and I saw Lemon Guy's dad (He really hasn't changed over the years. Still look like a rocker) and in my head I was going "Oh my god.. It's that boy's father..." And I was looking behind him to see if that dude standing behind him was his son when suddenly Dannie shouted out "Hey Joe!" And I was like "Ya! That's his name! Joe! Dannie knows him? Is that him? Is that how he looks like now?" And as we walked closer to this Joe fella, I realised it was one of Dannie's metalhead friends, Joe. I know Joe! We met, chatted on a few occasions at gigs. THAT Joe is THE LEMON GUY.

I don't know why I love (what I would call) "Ilyana’s History". I hated Singapore’s History back in school. I totally sucked at it. But I LOVE IT when it comes to my own personal history and my parents history. Like I would dwell and retrace step by step how me and Dannie met or how me and anyone met. I love remembering these things. I don't know if people remember.

Adrian Low, a good buddy of mine from K.L. who loves reading my blog, god knows why - The first time I ever saw a glimpse of you was at "Heat" in Melbourne (Dain and Tamrin's party). A very drunk and high Iana waved at me from across the bar and pointed to you and signaled me as if to ask if you looked good and I just took a quick glimpse and just gave her a thumbs up. Do you remember that day? I was not even supposed to be there but I changed my mind like at the very last minute.

Who else can I do now.... Windy Aulia! My batamese fashionista friend/my little brother in Melbourne whom I encouraged and convinced him to go to Singapore to study Fashion in La Selle rather than waste his time in Melbourne doing something that he didn’t enjoy. Well, the first time I saw him (after the couple got together and started living together) was at Iana and Adrian's place. The boy was taking a long nap on the couch. I was abit curious as to who he was so I just sat there and stared at him until he suddenly woke up (and when windy wakes up he literally jolts up and jumps up on his feet in seconds).

Farrah Dibabs.... I first saw you at Simpang just before we went to Bali in December 2003 (our maiden trip). Harry spoke about bringing his new girlfriend to Bali with us and we were curious to see who and there she was at Simpang for the first introduction only to find out that Dannie and her worked together at Starbucks years back.

Cross-Referencing Madness - Much like “THE O.C.”

Ilaiza who's now married to Fardan who just had a baby boy yesterday (I'm a godmother now), used to go out with my cousin Jamal. He came down to visit me with my brothers, his brother Rahim and Yusuf, and was introduced to Ilaiza and they went out (that’s why I became really close with her after) but it did not work out and then she's went out with Fardan - who's like Mila's brother. Mila's like this really hot wealthy indo girl whom I first met at the lobby of the service apartment which she lived in and whom I was introduced to by Iana. Mila then went out with this Turkish guy, Boris and they moved to the same apartment as me and we were neighbours. Boris who’s like a good friend of mine who’s now staying in Melbourne and so I introduced my brothers to him and now they’re all good friends. Iana was this crazy, extremely weird at most times but most genuinely sincere person who used to crash at Ilaiza's apartment before she met Adrian. When Adrian and Iana moved in together, and I went back to Singapore for awhile, Ilaiza became close with Putri and when I came back to Melbourne we all became the best of friends. And then Windy has this cousin Ades and the both of them were always together and then when we all started to hang out together, Ades and Putri hooked up and now they’re both happily married!

Now here’s the punch: Ilaiza was a friend of one of my father's best friend's nephew, Azman Before I left for Melbourne (like the last day), my dad told me that Uncle Zainal wanted to meet me for abit. I was gonna go out and was extremely anxious when he didn't arrive after two hours and had wanted to just leave when I told myself to just wait awhile more. He came about 30 minutes later and we chatted for abit. He then remembered, that his nephew who was a Malaysian, was studying in Melbourne too. He gave someone a call and asked that person for Azman’s number. The person gave him the number and he then called Azman. He spoke to Azman for abit and told him about me and told him that he’ll give me his number for me to call. I kept the number with no intentions of calling. My mom came with me to Melbourne and stayed for about a month and when she was about to leave, she urged me to give that Azman boy a ring. I hesitated and she went to call him anyways and passed the phone to me and I remembered Azman saying “I’ll call you soon one day and we can lepak (chill out) together” and I was “Ok lah..” even though I was really not interested. He only called like another month later when I was at this café/pub on Chapel Street with my Singaporean friends whom I came with from Singapore, and he so happened to be around the area and so he popped by with a friend (Dain) and asked if I wanted to go to this Singapore club called “Salt” and the rest is HISTORY.

So BASICALLY, in a nutshell, if I had not waited another 30 minutes for Uncle Zainal, I would not have met the wonderful, most dearest friends I have now. 30 minutes. That's what it took to changed my life. I mean, even though we’re splattered all over Asia and the Pacifics, we all still keep in touch and would visit each other from time to time. I know that when I do get married eventually, each and everyone of them would make a special trip down for my wedding. That’s how strong the bond is. It’s amazing. I miss them all; I miss all the good times. What we had and did together could never repeat again. That chapter has long closed. But the whole experience has enriched me in so many ways. I am what I am today because of the subtle influences of each and every individual I have met.

And I am blessed now with the great friends I have here in Singapore today. The ones I know I’ll grow old with. We’ve had so much fun these past years and we’re still going strong. So so so much love, really.

It's the love generation. Feel the love generation.


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