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Monday, October 09, 2006

mondays are like dental appointments

Good Morning World!

I had a good laugh reading my emails at work this morning. One email had correspondences between 2 purchasers (KP and EH), which I was kept in the loop for, cracked me up so well. I have taken the liberty to cut and pasted it down for your reading pleasure. The email started out with an email from a customer suggesting to sell corndogs at our convenience stores. The names have been "initialised" to hide their identities. My comments in

Email from the customer:

why not you all try to sell some instant corndogs?


Email from Buyer#1 (KP) to Buyer#2 (EH):

Hi EH,

For your consideration.


Reply from EH to KP:

Hi KP,
Nobody seem to know what is “instant corndog”?

Can you get more details from MS?

Reply from KP to EH:


i think corndogs is made from corns. i think its corns cobs on sticks.
(ok what’s with the S-es. Are you like spitting on your screen when you’re saying it you lisp-freak!)

Maybe check with vegs?


Reply from EH to KP again:

Hi KP,

Don’t sound right. Why they call it corndog.
(Hmmm… Good thinking EH)

Perhaps we could ask customer directly.
(No shit… You should have done that in the first place or google it or something instead of keeping the whole world in the loop to read your dumb correspondences, bunchaloosers.)


Email from KP to Customer Relations:

Hi G,

Need your assistance to check with customer on what is a instant corndogs.
(Say it with me: “a instant corndogs”)


Reply from Customer Relations:

Hi KP,

I have contacted customer at 11.33am, customer said that the product was available at 7-11 stores under those microwavable products. Customer described the item as smiliar to a hotdog bun with a hotdog that is bigger than those normal size.




I really don't know what else to say, really. I do not know if I'm the only one who found the above most amusing. Please enlightened me - send me a comment or something if you had found the above quite ridiculous. I mean how can anyone not know what a corndog is. Any decent human being who's been to 7-11 or watch tv would know what a freakin' corndog is.


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